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Business Owners & Bloggers!

Limited time offer.
Beautiful, professional website templates. $198
The Product
Wordpress Designed Websites
Everyone knows that websites cost a mint. If you’re not willing to lose an arm or a leg to gain a web presence, it is simple to learn the basic skills to create your own online platform using professional website templates. You’ll own your own domain, host your own site, and have full access to your pages for edits; make adjustments to meet current trends; blog about your products; and even generate a shopping portal. Every change you make only costs you time; not another limb. Don’t want to do it yourself? We have value for money options too.

Basic: Complete WordPress Website

If you are a humble blogger looking for a platform we have everything you need in a professional website template, from A to Z, all built on WordPress.

Business: Complete WordPress Website

Everything you need in a website is already included, all built on WordPress with the Divi theme: one of the smartest and most flexible themes in the world.

Socials: Connect & Generate Leads Instantly

Social media sharing buttons installed on all pages and posts. Include your Facebook pixel to track the conversion and performance of your Facebook ads.

Landing Pages that Convert

Offer your irresistible freebies & webinars to attract new customers and grow your mailing list with beautiful customisable landing pages. Ideal when promoting your freebies & webinars with Facebook Ads etc.

Integrate social media channels & create leads instantly.

Social media is the cheapest way to effectively reach customers. Our professional website templates include attention-grabbing landing pages to entice your customers. Simply set up your social adverts and send them your way. Why not take advantage of cheap online advertising and stop wasting precious financial resources on traditional media outlets. DIY or we’re happy to help you get started, even coach you for a time. Decision is totally yours.

All you need is a browser.
If you have access to a computer, tablet or smartphone, you can create your own professional website pages. That’s the beauty of WordPress. Log in from anywhere, upload a blog entry from the beach, bus or desert. As long as you have internet connectivity, you have access.
Waste time & money figuring out how to create your dream website. We have plenty of templates to choose from.
Worry about someone else building expensive professional website templates. It’s already completed.
Pull your hair out trying to negotiate all the extra costs with developers. All you have to do is fill in your content.
Why do I need this?
Create a website with us that already has EVERYTHING an entrepreneur like yourself needs: a beautiful,  professional, flawless, fully customizable, sales-driven, service-based site, with built-in pages, opt-ins, shop, landing pages, SEO and even Facebook tracking pixels!

The perfect, cost effective DIY.

It Saves Money

If you DIY, your website will cost you only the $198 fee, compared to anywhere between $4000-$10,000 if you hire a web designer to do it for you.

It Saves Time

You can have your Website ready in a matter of days, not weeks or months. Imagine: this time next week, your completed, beautiful, professional, flawless website can be up and running!

It’s Simple

Built with the non-techy entrepreneur in mind. Nothing is too complicated and you don’t need to learn any code – just follow the straightforward instructions and Your beautiful website will come to life.

It Empowers

Creating on budget, on your own, within a few days, you will feel empowered and your website will look like a million bucks! It will boost your online confidence.

It Reduces Stress

No more worrying about how to bring your website to life, no more anxiety and sleepless nights, no more stressing about how not having a website is holding you and your business back.

It’s Complete

We thought of everything so you don’t have to! We tied all the loose ends, connected all the dots, put all the pieces together.

Sell Online

Sell anything from your website – physical, digital or service – with a slick WooCommerce Shop that comes with your website if you choose that option.

+ FREE Closed Facebook Group Membership

FREE access to our closed Facebook Group where you can get technical help, inspire and get inspired by other like-minded entrepreneurs, and get unique and exclusive new training regularly (on subjects such as branding and marketing, Facebook Ads, how to webinars to grow your business etc.)
Responsive Design
Magical Device Balance.
Your Website will be that magical word everyone wants these days…RESPONSIVE. Meaning it can fit perfectly into a computer screen, mobile device or tablet. All without you having to do anything except one beautiful website. Cool hey?
Social media sharing buttons on all pages and posts
FB Pixel
Facebook pixel to track the conversion and performance of your Facebook ads.
Improve your search engine rankings
Landing Pages
Offer your freebies & webinars to attract new customers.
WooCommerce Shop comes with your website.
Google Analytics
Analyse your traffic sources.
Bring your site to life via beautiful free stock photos.
Royalty Free
Ready to use
Available to you
Simple pricing
Looking for a simple blogging platform?

This option is perfect for personal, adventure blogger or home business, plugins Yoast SEO.

Template included.


Starting price includes GST


1 to 3 Page site, Customisation extra, more details

Perfect for businesses of all sizes.

Incorporates landing page for promotions; installed plugins Google Analytics, Yoast SEO; embeding Facebook pixels for target audience campaigns.

Template included.


Starting price includes GST


4 to 6 page site, Customisation extra, more details

Website Templates
Want to DIY? No problem! You don’t even need to work your way around WordPress. You simply add your content and images to the uploaded templates via the front end builder and you’re done. And you even get to use the Divi frontend builder. Doesn’t get easier than that.

Check out the designs page.

Special offer per template, includes GST


Notice: You can learn more about our Terms of Service
Sign Up
Choose the template, pay at the checkout, purchase your domain name & hosting (if you need it) then you are ready to go. You send me the hosting details and I load up your template. You’ll receive your starter pack with all the instructional videos to navigate adding your information. Before you know it you’re sharing your site with the world.
Purchase Domain/Hosting
Follow the simple steps to purchasing your domain name and hosting packages. I have a discount code for you also! (CODE: GREEN) Already have a domain name & hosting? No problem! We can still work together. If you need an online space to work on your site I can hook you up, then help you transfer it over when you’re finished.
Create Your Website
Now the exciting stuff begins. After you’ve purchased your domain name and hosting packages. I’ll send you a tutorial to install your WordPress site. Give the new hosting a couple of hours to propigate the live site and you’re ready to go. Travel through the modules over a couple of days or a night each week (all depends on you) and your amazing website will be attracting visitors.

Did I mention? All of your stock images free!

You can save, save, save dollars accessing free stock images and video. All you need to do is sign up! Each template comes with links to great sites providing free stock images, videos, and gifs. That means you don’t have to pay!

Use those free images and you save even more money building your new modern website.

Find images
If you don’t have professional photos of your own to use or your site only requires genric images to get your point across, we provide links to royalty free images.
Use video
Video is a great way of grabbing the customers attention. But video production can be costly and time-consuming. Don’t worry, we can hook you up with great free video sites. Along with compression sites to reduce the file size.
Make it amazing
Don’t hold back! We’ll give you all the tools in our toolbox to help make your site amazing. Images, video, and so many fonts! It’s all in the video trainings. Watch and follow and you’ll be creating in no time at all.
Limited Offer

You made it all this way!

You must be really keen! Don’t waste money on big noting website builders or middlemen taking a cut for hooking you up with big noting website builders. Learn the skills yourself with our how-to videos. Or have us do it at a reasonable cost using one of our many beautiful professional website templates.

Take control of your web presence and save yourself thousands of dollars while you’re at it!


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