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Passionate Freelancers Unite!

At home, via the web, where we can keep the costs to a minimum and provide excellent products for our clients at reasonable cost.

Our Story

Boring!! We are all nerds. Seriously, our story is boring. We studied, we worked, we professionally developed, we took some holidays, we decided to work from home because it was easier with kids & work-life balance. But we wanted to keep in the game. We are a group of freelancers who work via the web sphere to deliver you great services at a reasonable price. We’re not cheap or sleazy; we are good, professional & in Australia. Depending on where you are our consultations happen over the phone or on skype.

We don’t only make things beautiful. We make them work great as well.

What are you after? PR & Marketing Plans, Implementation Strategies, Website, Branding, Tech Support, Social Media Management, SEO Copy, Images, Brand Journalism, Blog Ghost Writing, Website Reviews, PR/Marketing Reviews, PR/Marketing Coaching, Analytics Account Setups, Adwords Accounts, Microsoft Adverts Accounts, Google Business Accounts.

Our Public Relations Extras

These links take you to our partner site Petals PR&Media

PR/Marketing Plans

10 Years in the traditional media industry has given our partner Petals PR&Media the insiders edge when it comes to generating fantastic Public Relations results. All PR campaigns are different and its so important to strategically map out the campaign tactics to promote your brand. A good public relations agency ensures that they are constantly presenting the news to the media in a creative and interesting way.

Social Media Management

With digital platforms in abundance there is no better time to be embracing PR. We specialise in tailoring digital strategies that drive your brand message throughout social network platforms, attracting an audience interested in your product. We develop brand-specific content, designed to grab the attention of your target audience, and drive them to your website or store.

Content/Ghost Writing

Today you can be your own publisher and PR couldn’t get any easier. Every website and company worth its weight in the digital world is blogging. Google algorithms pick up fresh, new, interesting content that you publish and will place you at the top of their search engine results pages. We can produce that fresh new content for you so you can smash your competitors while you’re still focused on your business.

Who Unites Us?

Our collaborator is Petrina Murphy. Photo Journalist, News Paper Editor; Traditional/Digital PR, Marketing & Media Specialist & Coach; Freelance WordPress Website Designer, Copywriter & Teacher. Drop her a line if you’re looking at putting together a project and need some consultancy. With ten years of National PR, Marketing and Webdesign under her belt, Petrina is a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Our Website Development Process

Is very boring and lots of work. But we endure so you can have really stunning results. No, I lie, we love it. Truly we do. We are that kind of nerd. But we know it can be very stressful for some clients who might be changing over from their old provider. Or running away from them. We can handle that. We’ve done those kinds of changeovers. (If you think you might need that service organise for one of our website review packages first. You might be just fine where you are and only need a new site or some SEO.)


From the brief document you sent back to us, we collate all the information to produce you a website plan. Haven’t received our brief yet? Download it (click on this ∏∏∏) and send it back to us. We’ll play tag with it and quote you. If you’re happy to move forward, we’ll get cracking on the design phase!


Once we’ve crossed our T’s and dotted our I’s, we move into the design phase. We compile all your images and copy ready them in addition to your new site which will be in production at the same time. SEO packaged are implimented at this point also. When all the dots are joined you will start reviewing. You’ll have 1 or 5 reviews depending on the package you purchased.

Time to Publish

When we’re all ready to publish, the switch is flicked and magic starts to happen. You’ll receive an hour of training to keep your site updated and backed up. If you’ve purchased extra packages this is when that process happens. We create & connect your social media accounts; create & connect Analytics, Adwords accounts.

Home Workstation

Working in a digital studio means fewer overheads spent on office space & all that Jazz. Our digital offices mean your costs are kept minimal because ours are. We offer competitive pricing because we can. We’ve stepped into the future and we’re passing on the savings.