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Ongoing WordPress Website Maintenance


Monthly account mangaement fee for ongoing website maintenance, paid 1st of every month. No lock in contract.



Like many things, a website needs regular, routine maintenance to keep it running in tip top shape. Neglecting basic website maintenance can have many unpleasant consequences:

  • Increased page loading time
  • Lowered security
  • Decreased user experience
  • Declining search engine rankings

Jargon aside, what we do is ensure that your site is regularly backed up and stored in a safe place in case something horrible happens. However, we all know that prevention is better than cure so we also look after all your security requirements.

With our ongoing wordpress website maintenance program we’ll keep everything up to date for you. We’ll manage all your backups (both on and off-site), we’ll manage your site and run website security software, and in the unlikely event that the sh!t does hit the fan and something goes terribly wrong with your website, we’ll manage the disaster recovery.

Additionally, we can do other ‘small tasks’ for you. Updates and additions you can explain in a simple line or two that aren’t major projects or site redevelopments we can do for you. Forget about a $500 charge to update your opening hours or months of to and fro to get your team member bios updated.


  • You’ve been looking after all your own website maintenance.
  • No one, not you or a third party are managing your website maintenance.
  • You’ve got an existing website maintenance agreement but aren’t getting the level of service you want or need.
  • You just want to get on and do what you do best and know that your website is going to work for you.

Monthly Account Mangaement Fee. Paid 1st of every month. No lock in contract. Contact us to see if you site is elegible for our ongoing website maintenence program. You need to have an up to date wordpress website. If you’ve been thinking of transfering your website to wordpress, please view our WordPress Website Transfer Package.

We know this can be confusing and we are happy to chat with you and further explain the ins and outs of this package.


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